"ITGAP is synonymous with quality. Under this program I know I'm sourcing certified stock that is being grown under stringent protocols by people who understand the challenges and nuances of working in certain conditions. The program is a great tool to maintain quality control on international projects."

Nicholas Scigliano,
President/CEO of Frontier Golf


ITGAP Growers

Only quality-conscious growers are eligible to grow certified grasses under ITGAP. The caliber of the vegetative material combined with the stringent growing guidelines provides top assurance that you're getting a genetically pure variety that performs according to your needs.

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ITGAP Growers

Country Name Variety
Brazil Itograss
China, Shanghai Shanghai Meinong Turf Company
Wu Tao
TifDwarf, TifSport, SeaIsle2000, TifWay, TifTuf
China, Guangdong Shenzhen Forward Group Co., Ltd
Wang Tianjun
TifTurf, Zeon, TifTuf, Tahoma 31
Italy Galardini Sport
TifWay, TifSport, SeaIsle 2000, TifGrand
Japan Chubu
Shigeaki Yamada
TifGrand, TifSport, TifTuf
Mexico Viveros de Pastos Finos del Bajio S.A. de C.V.
Roberto Berensten
Mexico Pastotek
Andres Zambrano
TifWay, TifGrand
Morocco Souss Gazon
Sebastien Dutiel
Zeon, Trinity
Portugal Algarelva Lda.
Tomas Melo Gouveia
Saudi Arabia Atlas Turf Arabia
John Holmes
Platinum TE Seashore Paspalum
South Africa Evergreen Turf
Fanus Cloete
Spain Tepeservi Cesped Natural
+34 927-199-685
Tahoma 31
France, Spain and Portugal NovoGreen Césped Natural S.A.
Rafael Castro
SeaIsle 2000, Celebration, Latitude 36, Geo, Miniverde p18, Sunday Ultradraft, Tifway 419, L1F (Trinity), Empire, Zeon
Thailand QGI International Products Company, Ltd
Phrnop Sarleepimon
Thailand Sustainable Turf Farms by STS
Brad Burgess
TifEagle, Zeon, Primo, Trinity
Vietnam Sustainable Turf Farms
Brad Burgess
TifEagle, Zeon, Primo, Trinity, TifTuf



Alliance Partners

Georgia Crop Improvement Association GCIA
Georgia Seed Development Corporation GSDC
Bladerunner Farms Blade Runner
The Turfgrass Group
The University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.
Environmental Turf