Certified Providers

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Certified Turfgrass

Vegetatively propagated turfgrass varieties that are approved and certified by state crop improvement associations who are members of the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA) qualify for the ITGAP program. These varieties have been developed with genetic purity that performs to specific climate conditions.

When you combine pure vegetative material with ITGAP protocols you get turfgrass that is virtually free of contamination and perform with the characteristics you want…whether that be density, salt tolerance, temperature tolerance, disease resistance, or uniformity.

Currently under the ITGAP nine (9) turfgrass varieties are included and being produced by international growers. They include both University of Georgia varieties and privately released varieties of warm-season grasses. For more information on certification, we invite you to read Turfgrass: Value of Genetic Purity by Dr. J. Earl Elsner.

Sea Isle 1™ Seashore Paspalum

  • Patented fine bladed Paspalum developed at the University of Georgia for use on fairways, tees, and roughs bred to withstand ocean water, gray and effluent water irrigation
  • Requires very little fertilizer and has minimal pesticide requirements


Sea Isle 2000™ Seashore Paspalum

  • Fine bladed, patented Paspalum developed at the University of Georgia for greens and tees in salt-challenged environments
  • Can be used in all areas of the course
  • Similar to dwarf Bermudas in texture and playability when maintained 1/8" mowing height, featuring high tolerance to salt, gray, or effluent water and having low requirements for fertilizer or pesticides


SeaDwarf™ Seashore Paspalum

  • Is suited for use on golf courses tee-to-green and on sportsfields
  • SeaDwarf® Seashore Paspalum is the only dwarf cultivar of Seashore Paspalum.
  • Bright green color, fine texture
  • Tolerates a wide range of mowing heights, about 1/10-inch to about 4-inches.
  • Can be irrigated with low quality water. Potable, effluent, reclaimed, even seawater under the right conditions, can be used as an irrigation source


Tifsport™ Bermudagrass

  • Designed for athletic fields and golf courses with quick recovery from abuse, this patented Bermudagrass stands up to rigorous stress and high traffic demand
  • Tolerates low mowing heights, has built-in disease resistance and pest tolerance, with high density and early spring green-up properties


Tifeagle™ Bermudagrass

  • Patented ultra dwarf Bermudagrass developed at the University of Georgia for use on greens with a premier putting surface, high tolerance for physical stress and low mowing heights
  • Tolerates cool weather conditions, recovers well from mechanical injury, is drought tolerant and disease resistance


Tifway 419

  • A superior hybrid Bermudagrass with excellent wear tolerance, fine texture, and dense growth properties
  • Excellent performing grass in high traffic areas such as athletic fields and golf courses, with good tolerance to cool temperatures, drought conditions, and low mowing heights



  • A Zoysiagrass with a deep green color, fine texture, and lush appearance with good tolerance to full sun or light to medium shade conditions
  • Good tolerance to drought, insect and disease resistance lends to lower overall maintenance costs


TifGrand™ Bermudagrass

  • Fine leaf Bermuda grass developed for shaded areas
  • Tolerates close mowing
  • Good disease resistance
  • Dark green color
  • Patented variety requires license to propagate and market